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Well, Hello

ACinch was founded by a team that values the process and time you put into it. Well versed in the enterprise collaboration space, we've seen both the successes and failures that occur across all organizations from twenty people to two million plus.

What clogs the funnel? A slew of collaboration tools, never ending emails, or just struggling to keep everyone on the same page and on task. The right and left hand really do need to know what the other is doing to make sure things work smoothly. We have seen it all.

So, how did we fix it? We have taken out the gaps between products. Now you can move forward confidently with a Social Productivity and Collaboration tool that drives efficiency, and visibility, across your entire organization and toolset. Even better than that ACinch's unique approach relieves re-training headaches for 'yet another platform', and does not lock you in to a single vendor for all of your needs.

Reducing Overhead

Our main focus, is to make your job easier. Limit the need for meetings, and ensure the best chance that you have time to get work done; in the way you are most comfortable and confident in doing it. With all your projects and team information brought together in a single place, we let you quickly, and easily, keep up to date and involved every step of the way.

Increasing Findability

How many hours do you waste digging through email, and applications, for the content you need? When you do find what you're looking for, how can you ensure that it's the most current and relevant version? ACinch helps solves this by utilizing our large catalog of integrations. We can quickly, and accurately, sift through all of the information across disparate systems all at once. You end up with the best, and most relevant, information in no time flat.

Problem Solve Now

The industry is quickly catching on that the current state of affairs with collaboration solutions is not maintainable. We are the next-generation, we are a multi-layered collaboration tool that is the center of your digital collaboration strategy.

As much as we would like to tell you everything you need to know, here are a few great reads to help shed more light on this topic.